• Spend your vacation the best possible way in the pristine natural environment of the Boračko lake. Whether
    it will be a vacation filled with activities, or whether you will choose to kick back and relax, is up to you.
  • Enjoy in our tranquil natural environment filled with birdsong and the sounds of natural waterflows
    all while our complaisant staff strive to make your stay as delightful as possible.
  • Savour the taste of our fine home made traditional delicacies,
    prepared in a customary way that are sure to amaze even the most demanding of gourmets.
  • The accommodations of our villa are designed to meet your every need, all while bearing in mind
    to be unobtrusive to your enjoyment and providing you with an atmosphere where you can sleep soundly.
  • Make your vacation an unforgettable experience by using the leisure facilities
    we have on offer through our programme and by doing so fall in love with our beautiful nature.
  • At the end of your day you could relax on our terrace, socialising with our other guests
    and share your expressions and experiences, or rather, you could also enjoy the quiet evenings.

Boracko lake

This beautiful lake is situated between the mountains Prenj, Visočica and Bjelašnica. It is located 20km away from the town of Konjic and it is a favorite spot for both domestic and foreign tourists. It is a natural lake, well suited for swimming, relaxation and recreation, a heaven for hunters and fishermen. Its water comes from Boracko stream, and various smaller streams, some of which come from the bottom of the lake. The river Šištica comes from Boračko lake, and flows for six kilometres only to end in glorious, 30-meter high waterfalls dropping into the river Neretva.